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Our garage doors undergo stringent testing of their safety features by external agencies, and every one that is manufactured at our plant is visually inspected and tested by our in-house quality control department.

The remote control operates on a ‘Hold to Run’ function, meaning as soon as you stop pressing the button, the garage door will stop immediately. So, as soon as you see an obstruction in the way of the door, you can halt the door immediately. We also offer the choice of a ‘Safety Edge’ stopping mechanism for an added cost. This will automatically stop the garage door when it comes into contact with anything.

In case of power failures, an internal manual emergency system is included as part of your Garolla product.

All Garolla doors run on mains power and feature a standard fused UK mains plug.

Yes! All components used in our doors are CE marked and manufactured by the largest component factory in Europe; industry leaders in their field. Every Garolla garage door has been made using these parts and is assembled at our UK factory, by trained and experienced craftsmen.

In case of a garage power failure, don’t worry! – An internal manual emergency system is included as standard with your Garolla.

Please note: if you do not have an additional entrance point to your garage (EG a side door) then you will need an external manual emergency system. This is an additional €165 but either your installer or customer enquiries team memeber will explain this to you before the installation.

Our Garolla products are more secure than many other garage door designs and styles out on the UK market. The patented auto-locking system is one of the best-performing systems available, and unique to these doors.

Utilising an octagonal barrel attached to the top lath, instead of the industry standard circular one, means more protection is possible. The fact that there are no manual locks or handles also means there are fewer opportunities for unwelcome visitors to attempt a forced entry.

The bottom ‘Security Slat’ is made from thicker aluminium than the other slats to further improve security and rigidity. These laths are held in place using high strength end locks and strengthened side runners, ensuring your doors operate seamlessly throughut their life.

So, how secure is the door? Very!

Maintaining your Garolla electric garage Door is as easy as looking after a uPVC door or composite Door. A quick, regular wash of the exterior to keep salt and grit off the aluminium slats is all that’s required, along with visual inspections to ensure all electrical cables are attached to the wall and undamaged.

*Please note, do not apply any grease or oil to any part of the door*

Delivery is completely FREE to a majority of mainland UK.

Installation is included for FREE in the quoted price you receive from either our customer enquiries team or from our online door designer. We currently deliver to a majority of mainland UK but do deliver to some locations for a fixed rate, please call customer enquiries for more information.

At Garolla, we do not believe in hidden extras. Not only do we include more in our garage door package than any other garage door retailer, we display any optional extra costs up front while you’re generating your quote; so you know the price of absolutely everything up front.

Our Garolla roller shutter door package is one of the most comprehensive you’re going to find online. With no hidden extras, we include everything you’ll need for your new garage door.When you receive your new garage door, you’ll get:

  • A Roller Shutter Door
  • A Professional Fitted Service
  • 2 Remote Controls
  • A Wired Push Button
  • Internal Manual Emergency System
  • Fully Enclosed Top Box
  • Comprehensive Guarantee

VAT is also included in your quote.

With great customer service and after-sales care available seven days a week, Garolla is the only choice when it comes to replacement roller shutter doors.

Your garage door quote is guaranteed for 30 days from point of generation – if you have any queries during this time, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of the team and we will be happy to help!

Just contact us on 1800 827 555. Our enquiries team will be happy to take your details and arrange the installation of your new Garolla garage door. Remember, if you have already generated a quote, your reference is simply the email address you used to create it.

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When you want a roller or sectional garage door quote, visit the relevant product page. Then all you need to do is select your specifications for your new garage door, choose which colour you’d like and any additional extras you may want.

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