Finding the best roller garage door for your home is a must. Not only does it add another level of security, but it also adds value to your home. 

Searching for a roller garage door can be daunting as there are so many companies claiming to have the best product. It may seem that many of these doors look very much alike, with similar colours and horizontal lines in the images you come across.

But, there are significant differences, and at Garolla, we pride ourselves on our affordable prices , but we also ensure our customers get the best quality roller garage doors available. 



We use high-quality components.

It’s essential to remember that the most inexpensive roller garage doors usually have low-cost components which are not always up to the job. Investing in something like this could mean you’ve got a door with a multitude of unseen parts which won’t stand up to repeated use over time. 

Roller shutter doors come with a fair amount of moving parts, all of which are subjected to high strain levels during operation.

We rigorously test all the components to ensure your garage door works perfectly and lasts a lifetime.



We use the highest construction materials.

Roller garage doors are generally constructed with a 77mm double-skinned, foam-filled aluminium slat. This design is used across different brands, yet there can be critical discrepancies concerning the quality and thickness of aluminium and paint. 

Thinner gauges will suffer from dents more quickly and may wear away faster in sections that join each part together. Lower-quality paint will not only be more prone to scratches but may also fade in the sunlight over time. 

Furthermore, more oversized doors made of thin slats can give off a worn appearance even when brand new.

We use the highest quality paint for all our garage doors, so they will last no matter what finish you opt for.



The highest quality motors

Motor drives control the speed, direction and torque of electric motors. Motor drives could be used in various applications, ranging from simple hydraulic systems to industrial robots. Motor drives can regulate motion and provide power to drive machinery.

Electric roller garage doors are typically equipped with motor drives. Low-priced barrel motors are not exceptionally durable and may be sluggish in operation. Better quality motors offer increased speed and reduced noise as they run. 

Usually, the motor is concealed within the barrel housing the curtain, though some external models ensure easier manual control and access to the safety stop mechanism.

We use motors that will last the test of time and will not fail you. 



Long-lasting paint finish

There’s an array of shades and colours that exist in the world. From bold blues to soft oranges and all the variations between them, there are countless colours that we can see around us. 

Carefully selected colours can enhance your property, making the linear design more visually appealing. Garolla has a generous selection of colours to choose from when choosing a colour for your garage door if you want your house to stand out or a more traditional finish.

We use the highest quality paint for all our garage doors, so they will last no matter what finish you opt for.



At Garolla, we only want the best for our customers, making the process as smooth as possible, from the initial visit all the way through to aftercare.

We use the highest quality paint finishing, as well as components that are built to stand the test of time.

We have a rigorous testing process so that every garage door we install will be of the highest quality and last years.

Don’t forget that all our electric garage doors are fully fitted and come with a 2-year warranty.

We have electric garage door installers all over Ireland and would love to book an appointment to visit you and tell you more about our fantastic garage doors.