Roller garage doors are the modern day garage doors. But why do people choose to have roller shutter replacement garage doors rather than a traditional up and over garage door? There are many reasons why someone would choose an auto roller door as they come with added benefits. This blog provides you with some fantastic reasons on why roll up garage doors are more useful than traditional replacement garage doors.

These new automatic replacement garage doors are so much more useful that the afore mentioned traditional garage doors as they provide you with extra space, super safe security, a wide range of colours, sizes and finishes, ease of access and even thermal efficiency.

No other garage door can provide you with all of these useful features!

We’ll go into each one in extra detail below so that you can make an informed choice when you choose your next garage door. We’ll also include details about our roller shutter doors price, so you can see what is included.


Extra Space

Our Garolla roller shutter garage doors are designed to provide you with extra space in your garage and also your driveway. You can park your car as close as you like to the door and still open it! The top box will be fitted by our professional installers. These top boxes ensure the full door can roll into it and make your garage look neat and tidy, with no external wires or dangerous parts. This is all included in the roller shutter doors price too.


Super Safe Security

Our Garolla products are more secure than many other garage door designs and styles that you will find for sale. We even have a patented auto-locking system which is completely unique to roller shutter garage doors in general.

As well as the patented auto-locking system, our roll up garage doors also include an octagonal barrel which is attached to the top lath, instead of the industry standard circular one. This provides more security protection and prevents easy access to unwanted guests.

The Security Slat at the bottom of the fitted garage doors is made from thicker aluminium than the other slats. This further improves the security to your garage. These slats are held in place using high strength end locks and strengthened side runners, ensuring your doors operate seamlessly throughout their life time. If you’re worried about the cost of this super security, then there is no need. This extra security comes again as standard and is all included in the roller shutter doors price when you’re quotes on our online garage door designer tool.


Wide Range of Colours, Sizes and Finishes

In total our Garolla roller shutter garage doors come in 21 different colourways, providing you with several options to consider. You can also opt for a plain, woodgrain finish or even a metallic finish. Each of our replacement garage doors comes in a variety of sizes and will be fitted by our professional installers to ensure your garage door works effectively and efficiently. Whatever you choose we know you will be happy with your new finish and even the new look to your home. When you create your replacement garage doors on our website in the online garage door designer tool, you’ll be provided with a final roller shutter doors price, this is the full cost you will pay, there are no hidden costs.


Ease of Access

Imagine driving home after a long day at work, to just click a button and drive straight into your garage! Each of our new electric replacement garage doors come with two remote controls as standard. These remote controls can be kept in your car so you can open the garage doors without even leaving your car. If it’s raining, you won’t get wet. If you have a short driveway, you don’t need to wait around and wonder if you’re too close to the door. These are both also included in your roller shutter doors price.

You will also get a wired push button in your home, so if you’re inside you can use this to open your door easily. And finally, just incase you have trouble getting into your garage door, we also include an internal override system, which is, once again, included in your roller shutter doors price as standard.


Thermal Efficiency

Our electric fitted garage doors provide much more than your standard garage doors. If you are storing delicate items inside your garage, then you may need to ensure that your garage is insulated. Our range of doors will minimise heat loss as they all come fully insulated to keep your garage and home warm.

Each slat is insulated using CFC free foam which is renowned for increasing thermal efficiency as well as also insulating against sound! For extra thermal protection, the bottom slat is fitted with a rubber seal. This rubber seal prevents any drafts or water entering your garage. Protecting your personal belongings from any weather damage that could occur.

As you can see, these roller garage doors are much more useful and beneficial than the traditional garage doors, so when will you be buying yours?