Creating a good first impression is key,  if your initial introduction doesn’t make the desired impact, likely, you will not get the correct result.

Showing off your home starts with presenting a roller garage door that stands out, as it may be one of the first things people will see as they enter your driveway. Giving your home a positive first impression.

Industry experts estimate that adding a quality garage door to your property can increase its value by as much as £11k.

We will explain how electric garage doors can enhance your property’s worth.




If you’d like to enhance the appearance of your property, then consider investing in a modern roller garage door, which could add an alluring element to it and, as a result, increase its value. Whether you’re hoping to put your home on the market or plan for future gains, this eye-catching feature will surely add something special.

At Garolla we offer a variety of sizes, 21 colours and added extras to give your home a fresh look and increase its value.



When shopping for a property, many buyers pay attention to its energy efficiency. A roller garage door can be installed to insulate the home, helping keep it warm and saving the owners money on their energy bills.

If you don’t have an energy-efficient garage door, you may be losing a significant amount of cool and warm air. That’s why we often recommend replacing it with a more up-to-date model.

Properties with these types of garage doors installed can be more valuable due to buyers being increasingly aware of their ecological footprint and energy efficiency.

Garolla understands the importance of insulating your garage door to minimise heat loss. Garolla’s range of roller garage doors comes fully installed to keep your garage and home warm.


Roller garage doors 

Roller garage doors are the perfect choice for many reasons. They provide enhanced security and convenience and are easy to use. They also occupy less space than traditional garage doors because they don’t open outwards. Furthermore, they are available in various designs and colours to suit any property or budget.




Roller garage doors are ideal for anyone wanting to add value to their house. They boast a modern design, have fantastic security features, and are energy-efficient.

As one of Ireland’s top suppliers and installers of electric roller garage doors, we have a premium quality roller garage door collection.

All our products are rigorously tested, fully fitted and come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

The quality of our products and the installation is why we are known as one of the best garage door companies in Ireland.

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