Garages are often overlooked when people are looking to secure their homes, but they can be just as crucial to safety as doors and windows. If your garage has an interconnecting door leading into the main house, it must be secure.

Without that access point, items of value could still be taken from the garage – expensive gardening tools or even cars. Here are some top tips to remember to prevent thieves from targeting your garage.


Protect your home from potential break-ins.

Traditional metal garage doors can be easily shaken and opened with the right tools. However, many other types of secure garage doors exist, including roller garage doors. Garolla offers a selection of these doors and a full installation service.

Garolla’s roller garage doors come with two remote controls designed to secure your garage door. It provides added peace of mind knowing that it will keep your door locked, making it difficult for someone to break in.

Garolla also offers a patented auto-locking system comprising a 70m octagonal barrel attached to the top lath. This barrel can withstand far more force than the traditional round barrel in most other garage doors. Security is one of Garolla’s top priorities when designing your roller garage door. 

If your garage door is damaged, it may be time for repairs. Identifying and addressing the problems can help restore your garage door to regular operation.

However, if you feel it’s time to have a new roller garage door, Garolla has optional roller garage doors to make you feel secure.

Generic doors typically have the following flaws:

  1. Most basic models can be lifted up from the base
  2. The doors rely on gravity, with the roller curtain simply hanging from the barrel inside
  3. Security straps are easily pushed back or broken

Meanwhile, high-quality roller garage doors are packed with security features to protect your home. These features include:

  1. Anti-lift locking system
  2. Crafted using premium materials, such as aluminium
  3. No handles
  4. Extruded guide channels
  5. Inbuilt alarm



Keeping your garage door secure and well-maintained will keep your garage door more secure. 

Roller garage doors are ideal for anyone wanting to add value to their house and provide amazing security. They boast a modern design, have fantastic security features, and are energy-efficient.

As one of Ireland’s top suppliers and installers of electric roller garage doors, we have a premium quality roller garage door collection.

All our products are rigorously tested, fully fitted and come with a 2-year warranty as standard.

The quality of our products and the installation is why we are known as one of the best garage door companies in Ireland.

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