Are you considering upgrading your garage doors in Dublin? We have the best solution for you! Our Garolla automatic garage doors are perfect for any home.

In Dublin we know how important it is to ensure your home is secure. We all keep expensive items in our garages, therefore having a garage door which will deter unwanted guests and stop people from gaining access is imperative.

If you’re looking to choose an electric garage door in Dublin then choosing Garolla will guarantee top security. Each of our garage doors come equipped with aluminium slats which is extremely strong, whilst also being lightweight. The bottom slat on each new garage door is held in place using high strength end locks, to ensure it can’t be forced out of place. Garolla also has its own patented auto-locking system which attaches to the top latch. This provides extra security to your home.

You may require your Dublin garage door to have easy access. With each of our garage doors in Dublin we provide two remote controls. These remote controls can be kept in your cars so you can click the button as you arrive home to enter the garage directly.

Maybe you’re keeping items in your garage, and you need to ensure it is insulated to keep from damaging. We can ensure your possessions are safe in your garage. We use Acoustic & Thermal Insulation in each garage door so you can be sure your belongings will not be damaged.

If you’re looking for garage doors in Dublin to match the rest of your home, you may want a colour that usually doesn’t come as standard with other companies. With Garolla we have a wide range of colour choices. You can choose from 21 different colours, whether you’re looking for a traditional white or wooden colour, or something a little more bold in red or green. If your home has grey windows and doors, you may like to choose grey garage doors to match.

Our Dublin garage doors are always fitted by our fully trained installers. Each installer has completed training at our head office to ensure they provide a high-quality service, up to our high standards. When you order a garage door for your Dublin home. Our local installer will visit your home to conduct both the initial survey and the installation, ensuring that you are left with a door that is ideal for your needs.

We also pride ourselves on our customer service. If you need a new garage door in Dublin, you can contact our customer service team directly on 0800 468 1982. You can receive your quote over the phone from our friendly team in the office, or we can send it via email to you. Once you have your quote this is the final cost you will pay, we don’t have any hidden charges, we like to always remain upfront and transparent.

Dublin garage doors are our most popular as residents in Dublin like to stick with current trends and also want to ensure the security of their home. If you would like a new garage door in your Dublin home, then please do contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.  If you’d like to see some examples of our Dublin garage doors, you can take a look at our gallery on our website. There are many different garage doors for you to find some inspiration for your own home.