There are so many types of garage doors to consider but finding the one that suits you, is most important! Whether you’re looking for garage doors in Clare or a garage door in Dublin you will find the perfect match for your home.

What is the style of your home? Is it traditional red brick, a modern condo, a large country mansion or a cosy suburban bungalow.  No matter the type of home you have it is unlikely that you will find one design of a garage door to suit all different properties.

There are the traditional up and over garage doors, another traditional option is the side hinged garage doors, opening from either side. Or newer doors that slide in from the side of the garage. But of course, our favourite are the roller garage doors.


Roller Garage Doors

Roller garage doors are the most versatile as these types of doors can come in many different colours, with several different finishes and they are made to measure. With many older traditional doors, you will find that they are set sizes and the sides of the garage must be built out to accommodate for this. With a new automated, auto roller door you can have a size that fits your garage.

New roll up garage doors have become the most popular type of garage door in recent years, due to the versatility, the security features and the ease of use.

Traditional garage doors can often be heavy and clunky to manoeuvre, whereas roller shutter garage doors can be opened using the click of a button.


The Style of your Home

At the beginning of our blog, we mentioned several different types of homes and the fact that you must find a garage door to match the style of your home, to ensure you have the consistency and the look at the front of your home.

With Garolla fitted garage doors, you can match the door to the style of your home.

If you have an ultra-modern condo, you may want to choose a sleek Anthracite Grey colour, this colour may match the window edgings in your home and allow you to keep the futuristic feel throughout.

If you have a super traditional red brick home, then you may want to keep the style plain and simple to divert the focus to the main part of the home. A plain black or white garage door could be perfect for this type of home.

If you have a large country mansion you may want the whole of your home to fit in with the surroundings. Choosing a more natural colour would really enhance your home, so a walnut, woodgrain finish would be a stunning addition.

If you have a cosy suburban bungalow, most will go one of two ways, either really standing out or blending in with the other homes in the neighbourhood. Maybe you could choose a bold traffic red colour or go with a more neutral black cherry.


Garage Doors, Dublin

In Dublin there are many different styles of home and therefore garage doors in Dublin can be extremely diverse. Having an automatic garage door in Dublin can be extremely helpful, as you can drive in safely and securely.


Garage Doors, Clare

In Clare there are many different areas from the homes in the countryside to the houses in the larger towns. Garage doors in Clare come in all shapes and sizes, colours and finishes. Having secure and easy to open garage doors in Clare is extremely important to ensure everyone can access their own homes easily.



So, as we’ve mentioned there are many different types of doors you could choose for your garage. We find the roller doors are most suitable to modern day living, especially for the security features and the ease of use.

We have installed replacement garage doors in Dublin and electric garage doors in Clare you can view these in our gallery on the website. Take a look at them here.

If you’d like to discuss the installation process of a roller garage door, please don’t hesitate to contact us.