There are so many different types of residential garage doors to choose from. We find most people now prefer to opt for electric garage doors for many reasons. These more popular residential garage doors provide homes with heightened security to prevent easy access to the property. They also give easy access to the garage for residents, which is an extra bonus. Are you worried about the price? Don’t be, find out more about our roller shutter doors price below.

Take a look at some of the reasons why people choose new garage doors from Garolla:

Why do people choose Automatic Garage Doors

  1. Security – Electric roller shutter garage doors provide so much more security and deter unwanted guests. The high-strength end locks prevent the door from being forced out of place and ensure only you have access.
  2. Kerb Appeal – Your garage door takes up a high percentage of the front of your home, so you want it to look good. Automatic garage doors provide a high-quality finish and the extra feature of adding value to your home too. Our garage doors in Dublin are extremely popular for this reason alone.
  3. Insulation – Our range of roller shutter garage doors is designed to minimise heat loss and keep your garage warm. So, if you’re looking to use your garage as an extra room or for storage of expensive items, this may be high on your list of features for your new garage doors.
  4. Colour Choice – Whether you want your garage door to stand out or blend into the natural surroundings, there is a colour choice for you. With Garolla garage doors, you will find 21 different colour options.
  5. Fitting – Fitting a new garage door can be a difficult task, but one that’s made easy by us! We have fully trained, professional, insulated roller garage door fitters who will complete the job for you effectively and efficiently. Whether you need a new garage door in Dublin or garage doors in Tipperary, we have someone to come to your home and help.
  6. Price – Our roller shutter doors price is not to be beaten. You can find the exact price you will pay for your new garage doors immediately on our website. Check our online garage door designer to see the total roller shutter door price for your chosen design.
  7. Guarantee – With every new automatic garage door from Garolla, you receive a fully comprehensive two-year guarantee. All you need to do is register for the guarantee, and you can use it if necessary.
  8. Customer Service – We are incredibly proud of our friendly customer care team. They’ll be on hand to help with your design and arrange your installation at a convenient time for you.
  9. Garage Door Removal – There is no need to worry about what to do with your old garage door! We’ll even take that away once we’ve fitter your new electric garage doors for you.

We have fitted many brand-new roller shutter garage doors around the country. Our garage doors in Dublin are particularly popular due to ensuring the façade of homes look good. There are many other reasons for having one of our garage doors in Dublin too. Not only do they look good, but, as in reason 1 above, they are also a great security measure for your home. We know that people who require an electric garage door in Dublin want more ease of access to their home too. With new electric garage doors, you can drive directly into your garage from the street, giving the ease of access that is required from a garage door in Dublin.

As we mentioned above, our roller shutter door price is very competitive. You can find out the price before you buy by using the online garage door designer or by calling our friendly customer service team, who will give you a price over the phone or email it to you. Our roller shutter door price includes the installation, guarantee and VAT, there are no hidden charges at all.

We look forward to working with you so you can have your dream home.